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Wine Cork Truffles

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What goes better than chocolate and wine, chocolate infused with the flavors of wine.  We have brought these two guilty pleasures together as one with our newest addition to our truffle collection.  They are unique in their shape to resemble wine corks and their flavors of marring delicate, soft and rich Swiss & Belgium chocolates with sparkling, light, crisp and bold flavors of wines.  We have developed a slow precise technique of removing the alcohol while preserving the enchanting flavors of each wine to infuse with our chocolates and create a luxury collection for your distinct palate.


Choose from a variety of packaging; 4, 8 or 12 piece collections, select from our pre-designed assortments or select your favorite flavor.  Wine Cork truffles can be ordered in larger quantities, please contact Trish for more information.


Champagne:  A symbol of elegance and sophistication perfectly describes this truffle.  We have combined the sparkling, seductive and velvety texture and taste of Champagne with our velvety, creamy white chocolate ganache and then enrobed it in our Belgium white chocolate.   This will awaken your taste buds and surprisingly enlighten your palate with a fruitiness and lingering fragrance that causes you to meditate silently.  Savor the delicate flavor of this truffle alone or enhance it with a glass of your favorite bubbly.

Chardonnay: The most famous of all with it's full bodied, warm, buttery, crisp and slightly citrus flavors was the perfect match for our buttery white ganache and our Belgium white chocolate shell.  This truffle starts off with a buttery warm flavor that settles and finishes with a light and crisp citrus.  Perfect for the finishing touches of a summer dinner, make it even brighter by serving with your favorite Chardonnay, warm or cool it will accompany either perfectly.

Rosé: A perfect combination of red and white wines the full-bodied and lush flavors of Rosé was the perfect match for our white & milk chocolate ganache, only to be finished in our Swiss milk chocolate shell.  It will give a light, fruity and zippy awakening to your taste buds.  Perfect finish for a lingering luncheon on a hot summer day.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Most searched and sought after flavor of bold, full-bodied complex and fruit forward flavors are the classic match for our dark Belgium bittersweet chocolate ganache and dark chocolate shell.  Rich dark cherry will be the first flavor you will want to savor but then the bold complex fruit with the velvety rich chocolate will take your palate to a new experience.   Savor this truffle alone and get the benefits of both robust Cabernet and rich dark chocolate or share it with a glass of your favorite Cabernet to multiply your enjoyment.