The Art of Chocolate

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Whether you have already started your love affair with chocolate or you are ready to turn your flirtation into one, this is the class for you.

This four-hour course is both lecture and hands on, we will discuss and review the key elements of how chocolate is made, the different types of chocolate, the different ways to properly temper chocolate and what is cocoa butter and how to use it. You choose which Easter Mold you want to create, the classic Easter Bunny or an Elegant Egg both create the perfect Holiday Centerpiece.


You will also create bunny candies to compliment your egg or egg candies for your bunnies.

The molds you use will be yours to keep.


4 Hour Course 

1st hour: Introduction to Chocolate & Tempering

2nd hour: starting chocolate centerpiece.

3rd hour: creating chocolate candies & finishing centerpiece

4th hour: Details and packaging