Stone Chocolate Bars

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Since we have had many request for chocolate bars, I have create a selection of some of our favorite flavor combinations and some new ones.  These bars are made with our Belgium Dark & Ruby and our Swiss Milk & White, the selection runs from just pure chocolate to flavor combinations for you to pick from.


Belgium Dark:  The perfect treat for "just" dark chocolate lovers.  This pure bar made from our Belgium bittersweet chocolate will satisfy even the most discerning taste buds.

Swiss Milk:  The perfect treat for "just" milk chocolate lovers.  This pure bar made from our Swiss creamy milk chocolate will have you wanting more after one bite.

Ruby Ruby:  The newest chocolate to the party.  Ruby chocolate is a pure sweet & tart chocolate created in 2019 and has been a hit ever since it's debut.  We have combined it with so many flavors successfully but now you get to try it all on it's own.  We know your going to love it, we do!

Belgium Dark Peanut & Cocoa Nib Crisp:  We've combined roasted peanuts, caramelized cocoa nibs & our dark chocolate to create one of our finest efforts & combination of flavors.

Swiss Milk & Seasational Caramel:  One our most favorite combination in a truffle is now in a bar.  Creamy Swiss milk chocolate and our infamous sea salted caramel swirled into perfection.  Enough to share, Maybe?

Ruby Chocolate Strawberries & Pistachios:  Ruby oh Ruby won't you be mine!  A tart sweet chocolate paired with freeze-dried strawberries & roasted pistachios.  You will think this is the best fruit and nut bar ever, we do!

Swiss white & Goji Berries:  We've combined our Swiss White chocolate with sweet antioxidant Goji Berries.  Who says chocolate can't be good for you?  Not Us.