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Continuing this journey and expanding my movement is so important to me, I have achieved my success in many ways, it's about the continuation of truly Making The World A Sweeter Place, now more than ever.   My goal is to get this truck rolling and help young adult entrepreneurs who have a passion of being in this industry and possibly having their own dessert truck but do not have the financial and/or family support needed.  This is why I will be working with the Big Brother Big Sister and other local organizations to talk with their young adults to find who has an interest in this field, then selecting a few as training apprentices.  Each apprentice will be paid as they work, learn & develop their skills and with your help we can give hope of a brighter future.   This is also very close to my heart, I raised one of my nephews to help one of my sisters and keep him out of Foster care, it was such a rewarding experience and with your help we can help so many more.  I could do this with just my online/pop up business but not nearly as successfully as with pop ups, online and a dessert truck. My shop established a consistent presence, but customer had to come to me and come to our town, with this dessert truck I will go to their towns and to them, sharing my European sweet treats and creations and  my

"Making The World A Sweeter Place" movement!