Assorted Holiday Treats

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Assorted Holiday Treats

A delicious assortment of buttery, nutty, chocolate and more flavors in this Holiday Assortment.

Select from our pre-designed assortment or pick the flavor that will make your family, friends, coworkers and guests happy this holiday season.


Assortment: One and a half dozen assorted :

Snow Balls(Russian Tea Cakes); A small ball shortbread cookie that is nutty, buttery and a bit crumbly rolled in confectioners sugar that melts in your mouth.

Pecan Tassies; Pecan & caramel filling settled in a miniature buttery cookie tart.

Thumbprints: Sweet cookies rolled in nuts and filled with jewel toned jellies.

Meringue Santa Hats & Trees: Shaped and baked meringue placed unto a button butter cookie and marshmallow base, decorated with peppermint and sprinkles.

Classic Sugar Cookies: These hand cut and beautifully designed Sugar cookies are perfect for the Christmas Holiday Season.  Each bite takes you back to being a kid and making cut out cookies with your mom, grandmother, aunt or friend.